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Event Photography Services

We offer a wide variety of event photography services with 10 years of experience professional photography & the ability to insure that photographing your next event goes better then planned.
Viva 9 Studio Solutions provides Event Photographers and Corporate Photographers for Meetings, Tradeshows, Conferences, Corporate Outings, Golf Tournaments and most other Business Photography needs nationally and Internationally. Viva 9 Studio has Event Photography Offices in Bangkok, and services the entire surrounding all areas in Thailand.
รับจ้างถ่ายภาพทุกกิจกรรมธุรกิจ, ทุกอีเวนท์

Event Photographer: Mr.Ekkasit (เอกสิทธ์)
Tel. 09-9239-8754 (DTAC), 09-7254-9789 (true)
Portfolio: http://ekkasit.thaimultiply.com/photos/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ekk44shops
Line: ekkasit63245
e-mail: chaingam99@gmail.com


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Event Photography Services
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